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Empower leaders and teams to master self-awareness, growth mindset, and psychological safety.
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Our research indicates that 40% of time is wasted with image management

In an ordinary organization, most people are doing a second job no one is paying them for…Most people are spending time and energy covering up their weaknesses, managing other people’s impressions of them, showing themselves to their best advantage, playing politics, hiding their inadequacies, hiding their uncertainties, hiding their limitations.

An everyone culture
Mindfulness Leadership And Training workplace challenges

Improve your People

& Culture scorecard

Our clients have recorded
+ 37% in work engagement

+ 37% in leadership effectiveness

– 58% in emotional exhaustion
– 31% in image management

The Mindful Leader

Everything we do creates practical, simple,
effective and scalable actions that contribute to
building a values aligned, growth based,
psychologically safe culture.

1 Inform
2 Assess
3 Transform
4 Scale
We have helped our customers get up to
22% increase in focus
37% increase in engagement
25% increase in perceived leadership efftectiveness
58% decrease in long term stress


Deepen your leaders’ understanding on how
to positively impact culture and psychological
safety with a 90-minute keynote.

Michaela Wortley

Michael’s authenticity and ability to explain complex leadership culture challenges in a simple, practical, yet thought provoking way, has created incredible, never seen before appetite in our leaders to truly embrace our transformative leadership journey. Helping us to critically reflect on how consistently we really walk our talk and live by our values has been eye opening and life changing.


Understand where your leaders are in their development journey to define a clear path forward.

A proprietary evaluation based on the seven mindful leadership practices:
Explains 40.16% of team engagement and 32.39% of
team members’ mental health
Derived from the world’s most researched leadership assessment
—the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
Researched with the support of companies including Hilton
Hotels, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Westpac Bank, and OMD Media


Run practice-oriented programs to develop a values-aligned, growth based, psychologically safe culture

The Mindful Leader Program has been refined over the last 20+ years and has helped clients develop:
Inspiring, trusted, values-based leaders
Psychological safety across the whole organisation, enabling innovation
Optimal employee engagement & retention
Teams operating at maximum, sustainable productivity
Net positive impact of the workplace on employee’s mental wellbeing


The most cost-effective way to transform your entire organisation.

Our solutions are designed for simple, coherent, and
systematic scale:
No more wasted time & resources simplify your approach, optimise every initiative
No more guesses – collect evidence every step of the way
No more confusion – have clear path to scaled transformation
What our clients say ?

Misty Shatto / Sr. Director, Culture & Org Development

Mindful Leader (and working with Michael through corporate programs) has had an incredibly positive impact for me. The tools are easy to use and help me to feel energized and creative. I really appreciate the research and careful design of the Mindful Leader app.
Air Services Australia

Stephen Miles / Commercial & Business Performance Manager

This is the first app I have used for my well being and I love it! I did the team starter pack with my People Capability team and really enjoyed that experience. One of my team members said she was a lot calmer dealing with her little kids in the morning getting them ready for daycare. People within that team who I thought wouldn’t really show any interest were actually getting great benefit from the process; I am looking at doing this for a new team soon. Personally, I probably need prompting as I don’t do it as much as I should, especially the Guided Meditation. I have tried to schedule time during my lunch hour to sit in my office, do a module or play some Neurosync and reset for the afternoon. It seems to work for me, my family has the app and my 16 year old son is getting huge benefits from the Neurosync programs.
Nexus Hospitals

David Hugo / Group Financial Controller

Mindful Leader has been of fundamental value and benefit to me during what has been a challenging time personally given the testing process/road of divorce settlement that I have been travelling, not to mention the normal work and parenting matters that are tossed into the mix.

Mike Swadzba / Director of Operations

Mindful Leader has been a great help to learn new and refocus on mindfulness practices, it is easy to use and has something for all situations.
Qantas Airways

Isabel Webster / Delivery & Adoption Lead

Using the Mindful Leader app makes me more productive, which in turn makes me feel more in control and ultimately happier. My To-do list always shrinks when I’m listening to the Mindful Leader!

Salena Fereday / Global Head of People

The Mindful Leader definitely contributed to my overall happiness and it helps me put my worries away and relax for a while.

Steven Baert / Global Head of People

I love the app. It is user-friendly and being able to easily download meditations is great. I also love the interview series. Learn a lot and it’s well done.
Hilton Asia Pacific

Richard Todd / Senior Director HR

Mindful Leader has been a great help to learn new and refocus on mindfulness practices, it is easy to use and has something for all situations.