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Novarti’s success story

Novartis achieved a 45% reduction in staff turnover with The Mindful Leader program

What our clients say about the Mindful Leader program
Peg Legge Senior Director HR, Hilton Asia Pacific
Michael is a very good leadership speaker. I learned a lot from today's session- being self-aware, multi-tasking is not good, and being mindful of your actions/words to your colleagues/team members.
Maureen Biologist Global Head of People, Novartis
How Michael applies being accountable for how you view things and respond to them, his ability to relate with the audience and honestly consider their inputs is truly amazing.
Olive Yew L&D and Culture, Microsoft Global
The topics discussed have a direct impact on the daily leadership we do. The behavior of a leader always has the biggest impact on others.
Richard Todd Senior Director HR, Hilton Asia Pacific
Michael Bunting’s care, skill and knowledge are second to none, his ability to connect on a deep personal level is life changing, we have never experienced so much positive feedback from a leadership program. Our leadership teams are stretching their learning & development budgets to get more access to Michael facilitating training programs, this level of senior leadership engagement is unheard of in our business.
Charles Morris L&D and Culture, Microsoft Global
Michael and his team share a philosophy around going beyond surface-level corporate training and towards building programs and structure to support deep, sustainable transformation in individuals and organizations.
Steven Baert Global Head of People, Novartis
We value Michael’s expertise and leadership on shifting Novartis’ culture towards an inspired, curious and unbossed organization to unleash the power of our people. Organizational change starts with individual change and Michael has been an excellent partner to develop our senior leaders to become more self-aware, mindful and self-authoring. His unique combination of data and focus on behavioral change is powerful.


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