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A Masterclass to Help you
Master Vertical Growth

Clarify Your Aspirations – Overcome Your Shadow – Reach Your Highest Potential


Are You Ready for Vertical Growth?

You want to master growth mindset and turn any challenge into a growth process.
You want to understand and master your mind, to become truly self-aware.
You want clarity on your innermost aspirations and principles.
You want to know how to reliably demonstrate the best leadership practices.
You want to create deeper, more satisfying relationships at work and at home.
You want to understand how to support others to reach their full potential.

If so, this course will help you master a lifelong growth process, supporting you to reach the highest levels of adult development and self-awareness


How to Master Vertical Growth

1 Get Access to
The Course
2 Learn The Mindful
Leader Matrix
3 Be Your Best Self,

Meet Your Guide

Michael Bunting, Founder

Michael is the founder of prominent leadership consultancy The Mindful Leader, renowned team development app Awakened Mind, and award-winning leadership development program

The Mindful Leader: Vertical Growth.

For over two decades, Michael has taught mindful leadership to global businesses and governments, while learning, studying, and applying insight based self-awareness practices for more than 28 years. From CEOs to front-line managers, he has trained and coached tens of thousands of leaders, with a client base that features numerous global enterprises – including Hilton Hotels, Novartis, and Swarovski Crystal.


The Mindful Leader program gives you the tools for real transformative change – which is only ever achieved by doing deep personal work – and understanding how you’re getting in your own way. When you participate fully in the program you can’t help but make profound changes to how you operate as a person, a leader, and a human being.

Kerene Strochnetter, Mindful at Work


What Do I Get With the Course?

27 science-based, thought-provoking videos – no fluff!

A downloadable workbook and other resources to apply what you learn

A simple feedback tool to measure real life progress

Exclusive, real life case studies from senior executives across the world

Also Included with Your Purchase:

Lifetime Access to Awakened Mind

Mental Wellbeing Courses, Meditations & More to Help You Master Your Mind

  • Unlock tools to understand mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Understand the mind and what gets in the way of mental wellness
  • Develop sustainable practices for ongoing development and wellness

  • Learn a framework for understanding the basics of mental wellbeing
  • Take action to reduce the habits that erode mental wellbeing
  • Take positive action towards your life purpose and values

  • Understand the causes of stress, exhaustion and anxiety
  • Develop brain friendly strategies for high levels of resilience
  • Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks

  • Understand the causes of stress, exhaustion and anxiety
  • Develop brain friendly strategies for high levels of resilience
  • Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks

All included with your subscription along with hundreds of practices!



The Mindful Leader:
Vertical Growth Masterclass


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  • Lifetime unlimited 24/7 access to all
    other Awakened Mind resources
  • Includes ongoing access to
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