Vertical Growth, A Book by Michael Bunting | The Mindful Leader

Vertical Growth

How Self-Awareness Transforms
Leaders and Organisations

Michael Bunting and Carl Lemieux

Discover the secrets to self-awareness, life-changing growth and happy, high-performing teams, in this practical
guide to modern leadership.

In Vertical Growth, world-renowned leadership development experts Michael Bunting and
Carl Lemieux reveal the deliberate practices and processes you can follow to radically improve your leadership and personal wellbeing.

By embracing ‘vertical growth’ – the cultivating
of self-awareness to identify limiting behaviours and consciously create new ones that are aligned with your values – you’ll not only transform your leadership, but will be empowered to foster the highest levels of trust, psychological safety, motivation, and creativity within your teams and organisation.

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No matter how senior you are,
after reading this book, you will not
live or lead the same way again.

Fiji Airways

Discover how to transform your
leadership, your teams, and your life
by fostering deep self-awareness.

In this groundbreaking book on leadership development for today’s workplaces, you’ll learn
the practical steps to:

  • Identify when, where and how to develop new leadership behaviours to get better results.
  • Regulate your emotional responses in real-time and handle the most difficult challenges with
    balance, wisdom and accountability.
  • Cultivate practices for self-awareness that foster lifelong internal growth and personal happiness.
  • Uncover and change the limiting assumptions and beliefs that keep you, your team and your
    organisation locked in unproductive habits and behaviours.
  • Create practices and rituals that enable the highest levels of psychological safety, innovation and
    growth in teams and organisations.
Michael Bunting’s approach makes a profound difference. I have personally seen his work transform people for the better. This new book delivers an elegant, compelling process for real growth in leaders.

Peter Horgan, CEO,
Omnicon MediaGroup, ANZ

Your Handbook For
Mastering Vertical Growth

Vertical Growth is designed for leaders in any industry who are striving to improve both their own leadership behaviours and organisational performance, as well as achieve personal development through greater self-awareness and self-regulation.

The fact is, great leaders don’t know everything – and they certainly don’t get it right all the time. But the quality that sets them apart is a commitment to continual learning and vertical growth.

By harnessing self-awareness to recognise the thoughts, assumptions and behaviours that are holding you back, you’ll be empowered to consciously create new behaviours that are aligned with your best intentions and aspirations.

Featuring fascinating real-life case studies, along with a wealth of practical tools and strategies, this comprehensive guide teaches you how to master vertical growth in yourself, your team and your organisation.

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One of the hardest challenges we face as leaders is getting people to change. What this book reveals is that the easiest and best way to get others to change is to change ourselves. This book is for any leader ready for that life changing commitment.

Elaine Lim
Asean Talent Development Leader, EY

This book clearly shows how
self-awareness enables leaders to grow
and make an even greater impact for
and with their people. A wonderful read,
inspiring, practical and insightful.

Jerh Collins
Chief Culture Officer, Novartis

About the authors

Michael Bunting is the best-selling author of The Mindful Leader and co-founder of the popular mindfulness app, Awakened Mind.

He has partnered with a wide array of global organisations to help them transform their culture, and trained and coached thousands of leaders over the course of his career. He also co-authored A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation with Patrick Kearney and Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the world’s premier researchers and authors in the field of leadership.

Michael has kept a disciplined personal mindfulness practice since 1993 and has taught mindful leadership to businesses and government since 2000. He holds two business degrees and a postgraduate diploma in mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

Michael lives with his family in Sydney, Australia.

Carl Lemieux is the founder of the leadership and well-being consultancy, Mindsmatter. Over his 35-year career, Carl has supported the design of corporate strategy and complex transformation initiatives, as well as coached and developed thousands of leaders and professionals. He is committed to developing organisations that are aware of their impact on their environment and individuals, and to helping people improve their presence, clarity of mind, creativity, resilience, and the quality of their decisions.

Carl is a faculty member at the McGill Executive Institute in Montreal, a certified psychologist and sychotherapist, a qualified mindfulness teacher (MBSR), and holds an Executive MBA.

He lives in Montreal, Canada with his children and grandchildren.

The more we align our behaviour with our growth values and cultivate deep integrity, congruency, and inner harmony, the better leaders we become. In turn, the better our organisations perform, while also making a positive difference in the world.

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