Webinar | Managing Emotional Exhaustion | The Mindful Leader

How to manage emotional exhaustion within yourself and others

COVID-19 has forced drastic changes in the way we work; changes that have caused emotional exhaustion in employees across the globe.


12th August 2021


4:30 PM AEST

In our upcoming webinar, we discuss:

The current state of psychological wellbeing in the workplace

The reasons for increased emotional exhaustion during COVID-19

The ways to manage emotional exhaustion within yourself and your peers

Do you want to create a healthier work environment?

There has been a noticeable decrease in workplace productivity in the wake of the crisis. According to the State of the Global Workplace (Gallup 2021) report, more than 40% of employees experience stress and anxiety every day and only 20% of employees are engaged at work.

Through our webinar, How to manage emotional exhaustion within yourself and others, we aim to help you promote emotional wellbeing and psychological safety in the workplace by:

Identifying reasons for emotional exhaustion in your workplace
Establishing effective and robust strategies to manage emotional exhaustion

Creating a culture that values mental wellbeing and psychological safety

Aligning your leadership to improve personal efficacy and mental health
Building harmonious and productive teams that work better together
Navigating uncomfortable aspects of growth and establishing a culture of constant learning and growth

About the speaker

Michael Bunting

Michael is the founder of prominent leadership consultancy WorkSmart Australia, a certified B Corp, Awakened Mind, and The Mindful Leader—the world’s most advanced and comprehensive mindful leadership portal.

He has worked with CEOs and frontline executives from some of the largest multinational corporations in the world.

He is the author of the number one bestseller, The Mindful Leader, and has co-authored bestselling books, A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation, with Patrick Kearney, and Extraordinary Leadership in Australia & New Zealand with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner—premier authors and researchers in the field of leadership.

He is one of a few people in the world to teach Mindful Leadership for the #1-ranked Global Executive MBA at Sydney University. Michael has developed a personal mindfulness practice for over 25 years and has taught mindful leadership to both governments and businesses for more than two decades.

Leadership transformation requires a deliberately developmental approach and a continuous growth mindset.

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